Often times, the customers express strong loyalty to the brand and become brand advocates while they share their excitement for the products and brand with friends and family.

This article will show the three elements how to turn customers into brand advocates.  

First is the product itself. Word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t happen unless there is a product people love and truly want to tell their friends about. There can be many reasons to that; innovation, sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, which can then be matched with quality, comfort and durability that can resonate with customers.

Second is the connection between customers. Sometimes customers love the product so much, they imeddiately feel a connection to other brand lovers. If a person sees someone on the street or in an elevator also sporting their favorite brand, those customers instantly feel a special bond. Loyal customers tend to organically create large online communities, which tend to expand to real-life gatherings. The passion of the customers for their favorite brands and what they stand for so they want to advocate for their favorite brands.

The final element of creating brand advocates is how the brand connects with its customers. Some brands aim to create brand moments people can connect with. That means regularly sharing its founding values via email and social media to create shareable content. Some brands also involve customers in a number of events, such as ones where customers vote to bring back a discontinued item or service. Involving customers in the brand process and showing they are part of something bigger makes customers feel valued and gives them something to tell their family and friends.  

By turning its customers into loyal brand advocates, companies can create a strong community that stands by the company’s values. Delivering a high-quality product or a service and building relationships strengthens all aspects of the customer experience.